I’m Jan, a Digital Marketing enthusiast.

Hello and thanks for coming to my website. I’m Jan, originally from Slovakia but now living in Poland. People might call me an expert in digital marketing or SEO, but I think no one can be a real “expert” because there’s always something new to learn.

You can say that I’m a big fan of digital marketing. I spend a lot of time working in areas like content marketing, SEO, and making websites.

Maybe you’re here to learn something new or find ideas for your next project or business. Well, I’m here to help.

I’ve learned a lot over the years and I’m happy to share that with you, to help you reach your big dreams. I want to be a helper, a source of knowledge, and a cheerleader for people who are running their own businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your first business or blog, or if you’re already very experienced and successful. I’m here to help anyone who needs it.

Now you know a bit about me, and I’d like to know about you too. So feel free to send me an email, or get in touch through my social media channels.

Also, check out the following links for more details about my work:

– Take a peek at a Google Ads Campaign case study I worked on.
– Learn from my experience in this SEO case study.
– You can reach me through my contact page.
– To see more of my work, visit my portfolio page.

These links will help you understand better what I do and how I might be able to assist you.

My Philosophy



When you collaborate with me, you can always expect open communication. I might come across as direct at times, but it’s simply a reflection of my genuine concern for you and your business.



Regardless of the project we’re collaborating on, you can count on me for support. Similarly, I anticipate the same level of commitment from you. It’s crucial to me that we maintain open and respectful communication, instead of indulging in unfavorable conversations behind each other’s backs.



One area where I particularly shine is the level of assistance I offer to my clients and business associates. No matter the challenges you encounter, you can trust me to always strive for a solution.

Better business and better you at your fingertips.

I accompany entrepreneurs in making bold decisions and using their potential.

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