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Struggling with online stuff? I’ve helped many businesses get clear online. Using SEO, good content, and smart tactics, I’ve boosted lots of brands to the top.

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“Jan has done a great job with my company’s website and has given us more leads within the first few weeks than we would get on our own.”

Magda – CEO, The Digital Pug

I highly recommend Jan for his commitment, professionalism, easy contact, and dispelling all doubts, as well as help in a real increase in sales 👍

Barbara – amizkokardkami.pl

“I am writing this testimony to express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for Jan’s exceptional skills and expertise as a digital marketing professional and SEO expert. I have the pleasure of working with Jan when I entrusted him with the task of creating my new Food blog website, and I must say that the experience is so far outstanding.”

Silvie – citronelleandcardamome.com

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