Elevate Your SEO Game: Harnessing the Power of Google Trends with Rank Math

November 28, 2023


Jan Vasil

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of SEO can feel like trying to catch a cloud – elusive and constantly evolving.

That’s where the dynamic duo of Rank Math SEO and Google Trends comes in, transforming the way you approach keyword research and content strategy.

It’s like having a GPS in the world of SEO!

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Seamless Integration, Stellar Results

Rank Math SEO isn’t just another SEO tool; it’s your SEO Swiss Army knife.

With its seamless integration with Google Trends, especially in its PRO version, you’re not just working with data – you’re unlocking a treasure trove of insights right within your Rank Math dashboard.

To find the Google Trends integration open up the Rank Math settings in the post/page dashboard. Scroll down until you find the “Focus Keyword” section. On the top right side you will see Content AI and the Google Trends icon is right next to it.

Keyword Research Made Easy

Imagine having the ability to peek into the future of keyword popularity. Rank Math’s Google Trends feature turns this into reality.

Enter your chosen keywords and watch as the tool lays out their search trends like a roadmap.

You can compare, contrast, and choose the most promising paths for your content journey.

For the start, I have chosen the keyword “ChatGPT”.

Screenshot 2023 11 20 at 13.24.17

Visual Storytelling with Data

Data can be dry, but not when it’s presented through Rank Math’s graph comparison tool.

This feature transforms numbers into a visual story, showing you at a glance which keywords are rising stars and which are fading into the background.

It’s like having a crystal ball for SEO!

For the comparison I have chosen the keywords “ChatGPT” and “Google Bard”.

Screenshot 2023 11 20 at 13.23.54

Riding the Wave of Popular Searches

Google Trends is like the heartbeat monitor of the internet’s search patterns.

Integrating this with Rank Math gives you a front-row seat to the rhythm of keyword popularity.

You’ll know exactly which terms are catching the public’s attention and when ensuring your content stays relevant and timely.

Spy on Your Competition – Legally

Ever wondered what makes your competitors tick?

Rank Math and Google Trends let you in on their secrets.

By analyzing trending keywords in your niche, you can craft content that not only matches but surpasses the competition.

It’s like playing chess with SEO – always staying two steps ahead.

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Content that Ranks and Resonates

The combined force of Rank Math and Yoast SEO is formidable, but Rank Math’s unique feature of Google Trends integration gives it an extra edge.

It helps you create content that’s not just SEO-friendly but also resonates with real-time trends and audience interests.


Merging Google Trends with Rank Math SEO is like having a compass and a map on your SEO journey.

It offers deep insights into keyword trends, sharpens your competitive edge, and guides you in crafting content that not only ranks well but also engages and converts.

Step into the future of SEO with Rank Math and Google Trends – where every piece of content has the potential to be a winner!

Written by Jan Vasil

As a CMO at a digital agency The Digital Pug, I'm passionate about SEO and blogging, and I'm always striving to stay ahead of the latest trends in digital marketing. In my spare time, I like to play golf, listen to music, and hang out with my black pug. I take great pride in providing my clients with top-notch marketing strategies to help them achieve their goals.